Alexa's Angels Launches New Product Line: Women Supporting Women Across the Globe

Alexa's Angels, a leading gift jewelry manufacturer known for its original designs that inspire, is launching a collection of bracelets that have an added dimension of meaningfulness. Nepal Angel Bracelets are handmade by Nepalese women artisans, the first in a new category of Alexa's Angels jewelry namedĀ Women Supporting Women Across the Globe.

This season's hottest new trend, the Nepal Angel Bracelets display a beautiful variety of colors and patterns. Carefully hand-knitted with the finest quality Czech and Japanese glass beads, they roll with ease onto wrists of all sizes. The unique handicraft of the Nepalese women artisans gives a special character to each bracelet, and Alexa's Angels highlights this element on a hand-stamped card that comes tied to each one, signed by its maker.

With the new line, Alexa's Angels offers a message of support and goodwill, something that has been important since the earliest beginnings of the company. Beth Lang, founder and President, has always sought ways to introduce meaningful and inspirational accessories to the gift market.

"I have assured [that the Nepal Angel Bracelets] are fairly traded and the sales help these women support their families," says Lang. "Learning about their culture and the challenges these women face has been an eye opener and we are thrilled to be a part of their success. Our company started as a cottage industry of stay-at-home moms, so the idea of empowering women with an opportunity to better their lives was very attractive."

The Nepal Angel Bracelets give women in Nepal the opportunity to earn an income in a culture that makes it difficult for them to work outside the home. Each purchase helps these women artisans provide for their families and improve their lives.

With this official launch of theĀ Women Supporting Women Across the Globeproduct category, Alexa's Angels shakes hands with women artisans across the world. Like the employees of the small Colorado-based company, the Nepalese women thrive in the fun-loving, collaborative spirit that is so characteristic of Alexa's Angels' company culture. Both groups are pleased to collaborate in bringing a message to uplift and connect. Lang has plans to continue adding to the new category in the future, through additional fairly traded artisan jewelry and accessories.