Bridgewater Candle Company Takes Four Authorized Dealers To Honduras For Service Project

Four authorized Bridgewater Candle Company dealers selected by Bridgewater Candle Company, a candle and home fragrance manufacturer based in Spartanburg, SC, completed a special brand experience orphanage service project in Honduras last month. Bridgewater Candle Company awarded the opportunity to go on the all expense paid brand experience to four authorized dealers out of thousands. Through a nomination process four dealers were selected from various parts of the country.

The dealers awarded the opportunity include: Aw Else Boutique located in Greensburg, PA; Savon Cash and Carry Flowers located in Albuquerque, NM; Schuler Books & Music located in Grand Rapids, MI and St. Mary's Gift Shop located in Enid, OK. The dealers, along with three Grace Direct sales representatives traveled to Spartanburg, SC on October 18th, to meet the Bridgewater Candle Company family and tour the manufacturing facility. On October 19th, Bridgewater Candle Company President, Bob Caldwell, Jr., accompanied the group to Honduras to spend time at the orphanage and complete a service project that included delivering eleven 50-pound duffle bags full of donated supplies. The group returned on October 22nd.

The dealers along with Bridgewater Candle Company employees collected items such at toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, vitamins, soccer balls and books to donate. The brand experience included a stop at the city of Tegucigalpa's trash dump, where mounds and mounds of garbage serve as a source of food for many women, men and children that call the dump home and sort through the daily delivered trash for anything consumable. Most of the group aided in passing out bread and fresh water at the trash dump.

The group then traveled to the Good Shepherd Children's Home, which sits on a 60-acre farm about an hour outside of Tegucigalpa. Presently, 105 children call GSCH home, which is directed by Kelly and Trisha Lawrence. The Bridgewater team wasted no time in greeting and getting to know the children. Days were filled with soccer games, art projects, piggyback rides and lots of hugs. The service project included priming walls, painting and moving an office.