Ganz Acquires Noelle Brand of Popular Women's Fashions, Accessories and Gifts

Ganz, through a U.S. subsidiary, is pleased to announce it has acquired the Noelle brand, known for its popular women's fashions, accessories, gifts and more.Based in Wilmington, NC, Noelle will continue to operate as a stand‐alone company under its current management team, staff and operational infrastructure.

Starting August 1, the Noelle product line will be sold through the Midwest‐CBK sales force, which Ganz acquired in 2012. This will result in the Noelle collection being offered to independent retailers across the country by a national sales force for the first time ever. Also at some time in the future, Noelle's wildly successful Kissing Krystal brand will be available through the Ganz sales force.

"We're excited to grow our family of giftware companies with this very strategic acquisition of Noelle, which is a win‐win‐win‐win for Noelle, Ganz, Midwest‐ CBK and independent retailers," says Howard Ganz, president of Ganz. "Similar to Midwest‐CBK's status as best‐in‐class in holiday and home décor, Noelle represents best‐in‐class in women's fashion, accessories and gifts, and the potential for so much more with their talented, enthusiastic product development and management team leading the brand's growth."

Founded in 2005 by president and industry veteran Deb Groh, the current Noelle line features exclusive products such as Kissing Krystals and The Riverton Wrap.