Studio M Expands Drinkblots Art Coasters

Studio M, the new artful home and garden division of Magnet Works, has expanded their DrinkBlots Art Coasters line with art themes including Everyday, Coastal, Holiday, and For the Guys. With 92 coaster decks from more than 60 different artists, the new program has seen a strong response from retailers across the country.

DrinkBlots come in decks of 24 absorbent paper coasters in convenient, notepad-inspired packaging. The coasters are reusable, recyclable, and made in the USA. "But the coolest part," said Curt Todd, CEO at Magnet Works, "is that every coaster in every deck features a different design from the artist's portfolio."

Anne Brown, director of product development at Magnet Works, said, "the DrinkBlots artists have done an incredible job making each DrinkBlots deck remarkable with a wide range of looks ­— from fun and festive to artful and quirky. Whether it's reindeer having cocktails at a holiday party or super heroes fighting crime, these coaster decks are so much fun."

DrinkBlots are a part of the new Studio M division at Magnet Works, which includes four other artist-driven collections. For more information about Studio M, visit