Record-Breaking Attendance at World Candle Congress Affirms Global Growth and Vitality of Candle Industry

More than 500 candle manufacturers and suppliers from around the world crowded into the technical presentations, plenary session, and trade show at the World Candle Congress in Hollywood, FL recently.. leaving little doubt as to the expanding market growth and popularity of candles.

The tri-annual event attracted manufacturers and suppliers from 30 nations on six continents to exchange information on the business opportunities, technical challenges and promising innovations impacting the candle industry.

The 2013 Congress was sponsored by the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association (ALAFAVE) and the U.S.-based National Candle Association (NCA). During the meeting's plenary session, the world's four major candle associations -- NCA, ALAFAVE, the Association of European Candle Makers (AECM) and the European Candle Association (ECA) -- provided business-climate updates and reviewed key issues facing their memberships.

For many participants, the highlight of the Congress was the bustling suppliers' trade show, where manufacturers perused and considered the latest candle product innovations and services available from the world's leading wax companies, wick suppliers, fragrance houses, equipment manufacturers, container suppliers and testing laboratories.

The highly regarded technical presentations also drew large crowds. This year's technical program included an overview of the world's petroleum crude refineries and paraffin wax outlook; an investigational analysis of wick and burn performance relationships; a presentation on the technology and outlook for Fischer Tropsch waxes for candle manufacturing; and a global review of key safety and regulatory compliance requirements for candles.

The importance of scented candles to industry growth was also apparent, with an interactive workshop exploring olfactory awareness and fragrance evaluation, and the keynote presentation on olfactory perception and cognition by Dr. Rachel Herz, a cognitive neuroscientist and recognized expert in the psychological science of smell.

The World Candle Congress, which began in 2004 as a means of bringing together candle manufacturers and suppliers from North America, Latin America and Europe, has continued to expand its attendance and influence on the global candle industry at each successive meeting.