Melvin Weiner Passes Away at 63

Melvin Weiner, sales manager at Sellers Publishing since 1994, succumbed to cancer on April 8th at the age of 63. When Melvin first joined Sellers, the company had only eight calendar titles in its line and was located in a bedroom of Ronnie Sellers’ home in Kennebunk, Maine. Melvin was instrumental in growing the company’s sales over the next 19 years and making it one of the fastest growing publishers in North America.

Prior to working at Sellers Publishing, Melvin was a founder, co-owner and sales manager of Renaissance Greeting Cards, Inc.

Melvin will be remembered by his coworkers, customers and colleagues for his unwavering reliability, his unparalleled attention to detail, his indefatigable sense of humor and his vast collection of outlandish neckties. Many will remember him from the National Stationery Show, an annual event he attended at least 29 times. A testament of Melvin’s character and commitment to his coworkers and customers is that he continued to mentor Jeff Hall, who is assuming Melvin’s sales responsibilities, even while he was engaged in his fight against cancer.

On a personal level, he was deeply committed to promoting world peace. In 2011, he lobbied all of his calendar publishing friends and colleagues and convinced them to begin noting the United Nations International Day Of Peace on all of their calendars (celebrated on September 21st). He also contributed thousands of hours of volunteer work to Pathways For Peace, a nonprofit located in Larkspur California dedicated to promoting world peace, and he worked with the United Nations to help organize Peace Day rallies.

Melvin is survived by his wife, Ellen Kunkle, their two daughters, Chelsea and Liane Weiner, his sister, Sheila Goldman, and his many nieces, nephews and cousins. Contributions can be made in Melvin’s honor to Pathways To Peace, PO Box 1057, Larkspur, CA, 94977