JAIPUR Moves, Expands Into a New Space – SHOWPLACE 3300

JAIPUR has expanded into a new space, remodeled and bigger - JAIPUR is making a statement with the new showroom at Showplace 3300. The company is taking their showroom experience to the next level with more products on display than ever before. Expanding not only the showroom but their product categories as well - JAIPUR is quadrupling the size of their pillow offerings, bringing in eight times the amount of poufs, and launching over 1000 new designs.

“We have had big product growth plans in the works for a while, this was the perfect opportunity to expand both our offerings and our space in one of our biggest markets” says Asha Chaudhary, President & CEO. Not holding back, JAIPUR’s new showroom is going to be the start of what to expect as JAIPUR continues their accelerated growth in 2013.