TOP SHELF... Premium Blended Soy Candles

Green Daffodil

Green Daffodil is serving up a new cocktail-inspired candle collection called Top Shelf. In the spirit of craft cocktails, each scent is a clever combination of high-end, “top shelf” essential oils. But unlike the best liquor perched high on the shelf, these unique fragrances are meant to be enjoyed at bar height for daily enjoyment.

Top Shelf soy candles are now hand-crafted in six delicious smelling “cocktails”: Mimosa, Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Mojito, Rum & Coke and Whiskey Sour. They’re old school drinks with mod, slick labeling. Each one is ready for Happy Hour. All scents are offered in two sizes; a round twist top tin container and a large glass low ball tumbler, which can be later used for a real drink glass.