Detroit Man Brings His Parents Back From The Grave, Creates New Product


Loss of family inspired Sam DiNello,inventor and CEO of Visor Frames, to create a new product. “After the death of my parents I placed a photo of them behind my garage door opener on the sun visor of my car,” DiNello says. “After a few months the picture began to wrinkle, fade and tear. I spent weeks searching for a frame for my car to protect their picture and there was nothing available. I was determined to create the product myself so other people would have a way to display their family, friends and pets while on the go!”

DiNello says they launched Visor Frames in February of 2012. Over the last few months they have generated a significant amount of traction. The visors have been sold in Hallmark stores and Pet Supplies Plus. Visor Frames are thin, durable frames that will clip to any vehicle sun visor. The patented design and "rotating clip" allows the visor frame to be positioned in either the landscape and portrait position. They are made from stylish aluminum and are offered in four colors: brushed silver, classic black, titanium white and hot pink. “Our product is great for men and women of all ages,” he says. For more information, visit