September/October GWN Contents



Moths to a Flame
Check out a curated display of our favorite scents.
Beauty That's Skin Deep
Shower customers with these lavish bath and body products.
Finishing Touches
Must-have home accents turn a basic space into a showstopping room.
The Vogue Chronicles
Sharing our color trend forecast insights compliments of NY NOW.
á la carte
Customers are designing personalized tablescapes with á la carte pieces.
Tap your customers' creative side by offering these thoughtful gifts for men.
A Walk Down the Aisle
These wedding products are making every bride's dream come true.
Crystal and Glass
Stemware and drinkware make fantastic bar cart gifting.
Ready-to-Ship Christmas
Catching Up with the GHTA
President Todd Litzman gives us a first-hand look into the GHTA's 2015 year.
Holiday Treats
These sweets and snacks are fit for Three Kings.