March/April GWN Contents



Head of the Table
Visually appealing tablescapes are the essence of a welcoming dining room.
Raising the Bar on Crystal and Glass
Whether transparent or translucent, these cutting edge crystal and glass products are the clear choice for customers.
To Have and To Hold
Sometimes it's the off-registry wedding gifts that make the most lasting impression on a happy couple.
Teacher's Pet
The 2015 Global Pet Expo was once again a hit among buyers.
The Humble Abode
These eclectic decorative components give a cohesive, classic look to the whole cottage.
Guide to Gifting: Father's Day
Welcome a new era of gifting for the dad in everyone's life.
Attendees from around the world flocked to Ambiente in Germany for a five-star show.
The Best of Home + Housewares
With an emphasis on design and functionality, brands debuted a variety of must-shop housewares
for your store shelves at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show.
Seas the Day
Whether your customers sail the high seas or call the shoreline home, they'll be the captain of their
residential décor with these accent pieces.
High Tide
Make a splash with last minute items for vacation goers to purchase.